About us

  • Our team provides one-stop consulting services for a successful market entry in Japan to the foreign medical device companies.
  • Our specialized team provides expert advice and support for our clients to develop localized strategies.
  • Our responsive team is organized flexibility for the purpose and emergency of each client business situation.

Our service

  • Company formations-Establishment,SCM,Develop Business Plan,Accounting,HR consulting
  • representation service-Business Partner Relationship,Customer Relationship,Sales & Marketing support

[Startup support in the Japanese market]
· It is necessary to establish face to face relationship with MDs., academic societies etc.
→ Implementation of quick pre-marketing and business assessment by our expert staffs with extensive experience and relationship.
· Responding to complicated and frequently changing medical insurance systems
→ Communication with government, PMDA etc. , support for early authentication / approval / insurance acquisition
· Harmonization between Global Regulation and Japan Domestic System
→ Security / Safety Management, Clinical Data Validation, etc. Supporting domestic institution conformity according to Japanese market characteristics